A learning collaborative to accelerate community teamwork to improve population health


Welcome to ImprovePopHealth.org, a learning collaborative focusing on improving and accelerating the refinement and adoption of practices to improve population health. To begin with, we will focus on Community Health Needs Assessments, (CHNAs), Community Health Assessments (CHAs) and Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs) development and management practices.  There are an extraordinary number of innovations to greatly enhance each of these foundational practices and ImprovePopHealth.org provides a space to come together to share and learn.


Virtual Workshop:

Understanding the Landscape of Challenges & Solutions to Advance a Culture of Health in Communities

May 23, 2019 (Recordings Now Available to View for Free)

Interactive Workshop to launch the Population Health Learning Collaborative

Be a part of this exciting event and build relationships and help to shape this Learning Collaborative!

Why a virtual workshop? For a diverse group of stakeholders in a community (hospitals, health department, community organizations, etc.) to all adopt a new, shared approach, it is very helpful for them to come together and gain a shared understanding of that approach and the reasons for changing. Instead of trying to bring multiple people to a distant city for a workshop, this approach brings the workshop to you—for free! You can just pick a venue and bring your key community partners together and spend the day learning and planning how to improve our teamwork with these new techniques. You can view all the edited, cleaned-up video recordings on this site. (You can still gather a group to view them!)


We are looking to expand a group of “Charter Members” that will get the learning collaborative off to a strong start.  


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The common thing that brings people and organizations together is the belief that we can do much better in addressing population health.