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Sources of Data

Many new sources of data are now available to enhance analysis of community health and the underlying social determinants of health.  Examples of new data sources include sources used by marketing companies, de-identified data from community care coordination platforms, and data from housing analysis.  As more data is available, a wide variety of innovative data analysis tools and techniques can be used.

Example Data Sources

Housing Assessments

FQHC Assessments

Bank Assessments to meet CRA Requirements

School-Related Assessments

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Consumer Data

Carrot Health

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White Paper: “The Iceberg Cometh: Welcome to Sickville, USA”   

Increasingly, the U.S. healthcare system devotes resources, attention and innovation to managing the care of patients with cancer or chronic illness. However, it vastly underestimates the growth of that population and is poor at identifying individuals who will end up needing such services. The Iceberg Cometh, the first of a four-part white paper series co-authored by Carrot Health’s Kurt Waltenbaugh and 4sight Health’s David Johnson, taps powerful consumer and health data analytics to reveal the enormous crisis American healthcare is speeding toward.

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White Paper: “The Secret Sauce of Population Health”

The “secret sauce” of population health blends access to data with actionable analysis, curates partnerships across sectors, and connects with communities to create options for upstream interventions.  This paper outlines changes in the health landscape, defines the social determinants of health, highlights data and collaboration as a key ingredients to success, and looks to innovative applications that define the first course in improving population health.

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Webinar: “Solving Social Determinants Before They Lead to Claims”

Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) live upstream from the healthcare system. When left unresolved, they can flow into the healthcare system as claims.

Social determinants can be addressed with the right tools. When managing value- or risk-based contracts, solving them can be the biggest lever for generating the triple aim: better outcomes and experiences while lowering costs in vulnerable populations.

Kurt Waltenbaugh, Founder & CEO of Carrot Health, and Jamo Rubin, MD, Founder & CEO of TAVHealth, will describe how to identify high social risk members within your managed population, and then how to leverage your community to help resolve their social determinants.

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Webinar: “Using Social Determinants of Health to Improve Population Health Outcomes”

Are you using a myriad of different systems, technology platforms, and data vendors to address population health and quality needs? With an integrated, cohesive data strategy, and actionable insights from social determinants of health (SDoH), you can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your initiatives.

Kurt Waltenbaugh, Founder and CEO of Carrot Health, will discuss how health plans and health systems under risk-based contracts are using SDoH to take their care management, Medicare Star ratings, HEDIS ratings, and risk adjustment operations to the next level.

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Crowdsourced Data


Streetwyze uses state of the art community engagement strategies (offline and online), participatory mapping and mobile technologies, equity impact assessments, storytelling techniques, and community-generated data that can be integrated with Big Data and predictive analytics to solve the root causes of social inequity and lift up invisible community assets so that they can be leveraged for social good. Our platform and process transforms how people access, share, and leverage information about their communities and neighborhoods.

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