Population Health Improvement: It’s Up to the Community - Not the Healthcare System

by Ron Deprez and Rick Thomas

Despite the growing interest in population health on the part of health professionals, policy analysts, and government agencies, there is no widely accepted definition of the term nor agreement on how to apply the concept in health improvement planning. In this article, Ron Deprez and Rick Thomas clarify the definition, attributes, and applications of population health, tracing its history and evolution to its current form and assess the roles of communities and health systems in advancing a population health approach.

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Improving the Health of Communities through Population Health Assessments

This article from 2018 in the Volume 27, Issue 2 of the Maine Policy Review journal by Ron Deprez and Chloe Manchester describes a Population Health Assessment and how it is different from a typical Community Health Assessment or Community Health Needs Assessment.

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Starter Guide to Implementing Population Health Strategies: Six Steps to Developing and Implementing a Collaborative Community Strategy

by Bill Barberg

Based on his chapter “Implementing Population Health Strategies,” in the book Solving Population Health Problems through Collaboration author Bill Barberg offers six steps which cover developing and implementing a collaborative community strategy to achieve the most successful and beneficial impact throughout your community. 

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Solving Population Health Through Collaboration

by Ron Bialek, Leslie M. Beitsch, and John W. Moran

Solving Population Health Problems Through Collaboration is the first book of its kind to provide advanced thinking from a wide range of change experts, specifically for population health improvement efforts. It provides key insights into addressing population health issues and challenges in a collaborative way. It examines evidence-based intervention strategies, case studies in hospitals and health departments, health equity issues, core competencies, public health campaigns, step-by-step collaboration advice, and much more. 

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Practical Steps for Improving your CHA & CHIP

by Bill Barberg 9/20/2018


Population Health Improvement

Population Health Improvement is a new way to look at the health status of a community that focuses on the population's health, not solely a patient's. We'll learn why some believe this perspective can offer a better way to address a number of health problems in communities, including: obesity, diabetes, food security, behavioral health and drug addiction.

Guests:  Ron Deprez, president of the Public Health Research Institute (Deer Isle, Maine) and an associate research professor at the University of New England.

   Barbara Leonard, President and CEO of the Maine Health Access Foundation.

  Dr. Michael Duffy, Primary Care Medical Director for Mercy Hospital.

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